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Tax Time

'Tis The Season

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Me earlier this am... pre-oils:

It's Monday and I’ve got nothing scheduled until this evening. Well… technically I sort of blocked this time off to start working on my tax paperwork. This is my 3rd attempt, this year to knock out my taxes, once and for all. Taxes…. ugh…. the bane of my existence and, by far, the worst part of my otherwise dream job as an "oil tycoon." I don’t mind paying what I owe… I just hate the process of having to prove what I don’t owe. I was a lot more organized before I was self employed. Maybe if I hired someone to be my boss then I’d be a little bit better about my record keeping. Maybe if I just hired a record keeper…hmmm….

So ... what to do... what to do... I guess I could actually do some…you know… tax stuff... blech... nah. I could organize my desk space to reduce stress and produce efficiency. (Among the clutter, I see a crocheted sloth, some Girl Scout cookies still needing to be delivered... a green feather and 1 single random piece to an unknown puzzle that will never ever be whole again) ... blech... nah. I could get caught up on my bible study... blech... nah. There's that movie I recorded. Hmmm... a movie sounds good. Maybe a movie!

Me after oils:

I’m takin’ a blog break after about 2.5 hours into clutter clearing and starting to put my tax paperwork in order! I guess a little bit of Passion, Motivate and my all-time fav, Wild Orange was just what I needed to move me in the right direction and take me from whining… to… whining a little less! I almost said “winning” but we all know better. lol I guess having a deadline doesn't hurt either. But let's face it... with the ability to file extensions…deadlines become optional. Technically, I still have months! So… really… when you think about it… I’m way ahead of the game!

Still even though my accountants seem to be CRAZY patient and not a bit judgey … I still feel like there has to be some rolling of eyes going on behind the scenes. I hate being the reason for the rolling of eyes. Sometimes it can't be helped but in this case... it could be prevented. I know what I have to do... I just do it kicking and screaming every single year. Anyway... the nice, smart, patient, hand holding folks at Updegrove Combs & McDaniel, PLC, say that while I'm too late to get my business taxes filed on time, there's still time to get my personal tax info to the accountant before that deadline! So... that's my new goal. (hashtag aim low)

Okay... break is over. Although, I'd much rather be writing... or doing just about any other thing. I'll apply some focus oils and then get back to the very taxing task at hand. Taxing. HA! See what I did there?! It’s no wonder that that I hate this stuff. The very word suggests burdensome and demanding.

Just one more thing and then it's back to work, I really REALLY feel like it should be okay to write off all of the money that I owed last year. Don't you? It's totally a business expense! Think about it... if I didn't have a business, I wouldn't have the expense, right? I know that’s against the rules... and I do follow the rules... but still... it makes complete doesn't it? Awwww... I know what you're thinkin'. And, I think you're right! I SHOULD have been an accountant!

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